Automating the expense management.

Helping small and medium sized businesses save money and time with faster and easier expense management.

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Roster is a web app that allows the user to scan and upload paper or digital
receipts, thus, automates tedious manual work of creating expense reports.


Apart from automating expense management, Roster helps businesses plan their budget and
analyze their expenditure reports. This feature is helpful to cut down unnecessary costs that
would usually slide through the cracks unnoticed. Roster reduces any manual work from
expense reporting and makes it easier for accounting to correct mistakes.


For Businesses


mood Easy reporting

Forget sending reports to your accountant.
Roster allows them to see all the expenses in real-time.


point_of_sale Plan budgets and save money

Plan a budget for every segment of your business and cut down costs with automatic expense


more_time Save time

Roster fills out all the reports automatically which buys you time to do something more
productive – like growing your business.

For Accountants


sync_alt Real-time data

Instant access to your client’s uploaded expenses at any time.


sort_by_alpha Time management

Manage your time better by reducing redundant work.


fast_forward Daily optimization

Our software makes the prepwork for you so that you can finish all your daily tasks today.

Creating expense reports has never been easier!

Intuitive design

User interface has been designed in a logical way with simplicity in mind


Scan receipts and upload them to the platform. Roster automatically fills out all data necessary
to create a report without any manual work.

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Set up a budget to help you run your business and track expenses.
Automatic analysis of expenses to help you reduce costs.

Instant access for accounting

Send reports to accounting in real-time in just a few clicks.

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Ease of use

Access Roster from anywhere, anytime no matter where you are.

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Affordable price

Pricing is based on the number of active users. Pay only for what you use.

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Customer support

Our customer support is available 24/7 to answer any difficulties you may have using Roster.


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